The Athletic Complex

The WUSTL Athletic Complex


The Athletic Complex is located on N. Big Bend Blvd., between Forsyth Blvd. and Snow Way Dr. Spectator Parking for events is available in the Snow Way Parking Garage. After turning on to Snow Way Dr., The Snow Way Parking Garage will be ahead on the right.

Athletic Complex on Google Maps

Front Desk: (314) 935-4619

The Athletic Complex consists of several facilities: the Field House, Francis FieldBushyhead Track, Millstone Pool, the Interco Fitness Center, the Grimm Racquetball & Squash Courts and the Tao Tennis Center.

The facilities are designed to accommodate a wide range of individual and group recreational and intramural activities, as well as to serve as a home for our varsity teams. 

For more information on building hours, memberships and recreational use of the facilities, visit the Office of Recreation Website.