Warden and Martin Place First in XC Inter Squad Meet

Photos by Mary Butkus/WUSTL Photos
Photos by Mary Butkus/WUSTL Photos
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St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 1, 2018 – Senior Chas Warden and senior Abby Martin were the victors in the Washington University in St. Louis cross country inter squad meet in Forest Park Saturday morning.

Warden led the men during the 6K race through the park with a 5:08.6 average mile pace, finishing the course in 19:11.03. Freshman Michael Ly placed second with a time of 19:16.61. Ly was followed by sophomore Tucker Cera (19:16.67), freshman Patrick Norrick (19:22.01) and junior Noah Trimark (19:27.15) for the top five.

"The whole point of the race was just to get used to racing again, it's been awhile since the freshmen, incomers and its been awhile since we've run," said Warden. "Regardless of the times it was a good execution of the run because we got back to racing."

Martin placed first among the women with a time of 15:34.51 in a 4.17K race, averaging 6:00.8 per mile. She was followed by sophomore Megan Girmscheid (15:35.92), freshman Michaela Jones (15:37.87), freshman Emma Walter (15:41.88) and junior Elizabeth Hagstrom (15:44.54) for the women's top five.

"I felt good on the start out and it's a shorter race than usual," said Martin. "Two and a half miles is similar to track which we just came out of, but after that first lap the humidity kind of hits you and it felt kind of rough but we pulled it out."

Men's Top Seven

  1. Chas Warden – 19:11.03
  2. Michael Ly – 19:16.61
  3. Tucker Cera – 19:16.67
  4. Patrick Norrick – 19:22.01
  5. Noah Trimark – 19:27.15
  6. Jacob Ridderhoff – 19:30.44
  7. Chris Blagg – 19:32.74

Women's Top Seven

  1. Abby Martin – 15:34.51
  2. Megan Girmscheid – 15:35.92
  3. Michaela Jones – 15:37.87
  4. Emma Walter – 15:41.88
  5. Elizabeth Hagstrom – 15:44.54
  6. Carmen Rottinghaus – 15:44.77
  7. Sophia Young – 15:45.02