Bears Swimming Collect 14 More NCAA B Cut Times

Bears Swimming Collect 14 More NCAA B Cut Times

Granville, Ohio/Wheaton, Ill., Dec. 6, 2019 – The Washington University in St. Louis men's and women's swimming programs collected 14 NCAA Division III B cuts on Friday as the squads competed at the Denison Invitational and Wheaton Invitational. 

The No. 5-ranked men's squad is in fourth with 820.5 points at the Denison Invite. The squad is in second place at Wheaton with 354 points.

The Bears' No. 6-ranked women's team has tallied 623 points, good for fourth at Denison, while the squad at Wheaton is in second place with 323 points. 

The men's squad totaled nine B cuts, eight of which at the Denison Invitational. The 200-yard medley relay squad of senior Peyton Wilson, senior Simon Deshusses, senior James Hardy and senior Chase Van Patten put together a B cut time of 1:30.00. Also in the 200-yard medley relay, senior Jerry Chen, senior Vincent Huang, sophomoreBarclay Dale and freshman Michael Kincheloe tallied a B cut with a time of 1:30.66.

Sophomore Nathan Katz collected a B cut in the 400-yard Individual Medley (3:59.89) while freshman Nick Rogers tallied a B cut in the 100-yard butterfly (49.13). Deshusses tallied a B cut in the 100-yard breaststroke (56.62) as freshman Mason Kelber collected a B cut in the 200-yard freestyle with a time of 1:39.96.

Wilson (48.80), Chen (49.29) and freshman Andrei Schwartz (49.43) all collected a B cut in the 100-yard backstroke.  

At the Wheaton Invite, freshman Evan Dorsel tallied a B Cut in the 200-yard butterfly with a first-place time of 1:49.90.

WashU women's squad had four B cuts at the Denison Invitational. In the 200-yard medley relay, junior Elle Pollitt, senior Stephanie Li, sophomore Grace Carey and senior Mollie Seidner posted a B cut time of 1:45.10. 

Freshman Sandra Meszaros (56.13) and freshman Mikayla Klein (56.55) both tallied a B cut in the 100-yard butterfly (56.13) while sophomore Abby Wilson earned her B cut time in the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 56.78.

Both squads will compete at the final day of the Wheaton Invite and Denison Invitational on Saturday, Dec. 7.

Denison Invitational Top Results

6th – Elle Pollitt, Stephanie Li, Grace Carey, Mollie Seidner; 1:45.10 *

200-yard medley relay

4th – Peyton Wilson, Simon Deshusses, James Hardy, Chase Van Patten; 1:30.00 *

6th – Jerry Chen, Vincent Huang, Barclay Dale, Michael Kincheloe; 1:30.66 *

14th – Emily Guo; 4:36.46

400-yard Individual Medley

7th- Nathan Katz; 3:59.89 *

5th – Sandra Meszaros; 56.13 *

12th – Mikayla Klein; 56.55 *

100-yard butterfly

4th – Nick Rogers; 49.13 *

7th – Elle Pollitt; 1:52.37

200-yard freestyle

6th – Mason Kelber; 1:39.96 *

11th – Stephanie Li; 1:05.29

100-yard breaststroke

3rd – Simon Deshusses; 55.62 *

10th - Abby Wilson; 56.78 *

100-yard backstroke

2nd – Peyton Wilson; 48.80 *

3rd – Jerry Chen; 49.29 *

5th – Andrei Schwartz; 49.43 *

5th - Sandra Meszaros, Kayleigh Lewis, Mikayla Klein, Catherine Cowin; 7:45.37

800-yard freestyle Relay

4th – Simon Deshusses, Mason Kelber, Michael Perry, Michael Kincheloe; 6:48.10

* NCAA Division III B Cut time

Wheaton Invite Top Results

2nd – Stephanie Bowater, Maddie Nelson, Audrey Brecher, Anne Whitsel; 7:47.56

800-yard Freestyle Relay

4th – Sam Mahoney, Evan Dorsel, Chet Dobson, Sammy Risma; 6:56.47

3rd – Stephanie Bowater, Anne Whitsel, Katie Cardwell, Grace Uldrich; 1:38.66

200-yard Freestyle Relay

3rd – Maxwell Lin, Preston Bailey, Michael Jia, Sammy Risma; 1:24.73

4th – Anne Whitsel; 2:09.59

200-yard Individual Medley

5th – Ellis Ritchie; 1:53.20

3rd – Maddie Nelson; 5:08.77

500-yard freestyle

5th – Sam Mahoney; 4:41.71

2nd – Maggie Teng; 1:05.27

100-yard breaststroke

7th – Preston Bailey; 58.36

10th – Claire Wiley; 2:11.78

200-yard backstroke

5th – Nozomi Horikawa; 1:53.63

6th – Stephanie Bowater; 53.58

100-yard freestyle

5th – Sammy Risma; 46.77

8th – JoJo Schneiderman; 2:12.10

200-yard butterfly

1st – Evan Dorsel; 1:49.90 *

4th – Claire Wiley, Maggie Teng, Hailey Jenkins, Anne Whitsel; 3:59.26

400-yard medley relay

3rd – Nozomi Horikawa, Preston Bailey, Michael Jia, Sammy Risma; 3:24.80

* NCAA Division III B Cut time