Q and A with 2018 WashU Grad Andrew Zingone

Photo by Danny Reise/WUSTL Photos
Photo by Danny Reise/WUSTL Photos

By Chris Mitchell
Assistant AD for Communications

2018 Washington University in St. Louis graduate Andrew Zingone is putting his marketing and finance degree to use as a marketing and communications assistant with Florida Citrus Sports in the sunshine state. 

Zingone's six-month internship is coming to a close following three football games at Camping World Stadium in Orlando: Camping World Bowl on Dec. 28, VRBO Citrus Bowl on Jan. 1 and the NFL Pro Bowl slated for January 27.

A North Bethesda, Md. native, Zingone started 51 of 68 career games played for the WashU men's soccer team on defense. He helped lead the Bears to a 37-22-11 overall record in four seasons on the Danforth Campus, and was a key part of a pair of NCAA Tournament teams.

Zingone reflected on his internship with WashU Assistant AD for Communications Chris Mitchell.

What is your role at Florida Citrus Sports? I am a Marketing and Communications Assistant. I work on the team that is responsible for all external marketing efforts for Florida Citrus Sports events, games and membership. Although those are my main responsibilities, I also work with the sponsorship, sales, events, and ticketing teams.

 What do you hope to gain from this internship? Florida Citrus Sports is a great place to gain experience in sports business due to the hands-on-nature of the company and the organizations involvement in national sporting events. I have been thankful to be a part of this organization and know my experiences here will allow me to grow as a sports business professional. 

What will be your Involvement in the bowl games that are approaching - Camping World Bowl (Syracuse vs. West Virginia) and the VRBO Citrus Bowl (Kentucky vs. Penn State)? Since I am in marketing, most of my duties will be completed by the time the games begin, but one of my responsibilities is writing and overseeing the in-game script for both games. This means I work with sponsorship and production to create the fan experience – everything from music played to in-game presentations are included in this. So, on game day, I will be sitting in the booth with a headset acting as a liaison between the various groups involved.

Was it important for you to stay in sports after a four-year men's soccer career at WashU? Sports have always been an influential part of my life. It was important for me to start on a career path after graduation that I would be energized about. For me that meant pursuing a career in sports.

WashU Director of Athletics Anthony Azama likes to say that being a student-athlete is like having a four-year internship, my career as a student-athlete at WashU set me up for success in the sports industry by teaching me important life and professional lessons while also providing me with experience within college athletics.

What are your career aspirations? Working in sports and college athletics has been everything I could hope for in my career. My goal is to continue to work in sports and build a life that allows me to stay in an industry that I enjoy waking up for and enjoy competing in. 

For more information on Florida Citrus Sports visit: https://floridacitrussports.com/.