Q and A with Doctors, Kincaid and Ramspott

Q and A with Doctors, Kincaid and Ramspott

By Caroline Ballard
Sports Information Intern

The Washington University in St. Louis football team hosts Bridgewater College (Va.) in the final game of the 2017 season Saturdy at Francis Field. Kickoff is set for 1 p.m. (CT).

Senior defensive back Nick Doctors, senior offensive lineman Troy Kincaid and senior wide receiver Marcus Ramspott reflected on the past four years at WashU with Sports Information Intern Caroline Ballard.

What made you choose WashU? 
Nick Doctors: I chose WashU largely because of Coach K. He was the first coach to reach out to me with the promise of both an amazing college education and an extremely competitive level of play. Coming from California, WashU also allowed me to experience a different and unique Midwestern culture.

Troy Kincaid: My first visit to campus was when I knew that I wanted to come to WashU. I knew that it was a great school from researching online, but I was blown away by how friendly everyone that I met here was to me, as an incoming student. At the time, I thought that if the student body was so proud of being here, then this must be a great place to be. The opportunity to challenge myself academically while being a part of such a hospitable community made my decision pretty easy.

Marcus Ramspott: I chose to attend WashU after meeting and getting to know Coach Kindbom. He encouraged me to challenge myself both academically and athletically at WashU.  It was clear to me that he was a devoted coach and genuine leader, and I was excited to learn from him and represent WashU.

How do you balance your schedule between school and football? 
ND: Time management is your friend. It can be tough to balance the workload between school and football so making sure you stay on top of your assignments is crucial. I like to chip away at assignments in between classes/football so it lightens the workload after practice.

TK: Honestly, planning my week's schedule ahead of time and focusing in the moment on the task at hand has been the best way that I have been able to balance school and football. This actually parallels something that Coach K tries to teach us in a football setting, as he always reminds us to focus on the current play and to minimize any distractions. So, it isn't very surprising to me when older players always talk about how football really teaches you how to compartmentalize your time, because Coach K tries to prepare us for this both on the field and off.

MR: It can be difficult to juggle the many responsibilities of a student-athlete as well as other commitments such as volunteering, research, and part-time jobs. I try to focus entirely on the present and give 100% to each task, but it would not be possible without the constant support from my parents, Ron and Gail Ramspott.

What is your favorite football memory in your four years at WashU? 
ND: My favorite football memory so far is when we made the playoffs last year. Making the playoffs was an incredible way to cap off a tremendous season and something very few teams have achieved at WashU.

TK: My favorite football memory has to be last year's game at Carnegie Mellon. After beating them pretty bad at our place the year before, they started the game like they had a lot to prove, but we remained calm, never gave up, and ended up coming from behind to win in overtime. I think that win solidified our confidence in our ability to beat anyone if we just played together.

MR: The most memorable moment in my football career was beating Chicago in 2016 for our final regular season game and getting the news that we had earned a trip to the NCAA playoffs.

What have you learned from playing under head coach Larry Kindbom? 
ND: Things happen that are outside our control, both on and off the football field. I've learned from Coach K the importance of being able to adapt, respond, and ultimately keep pushing forward(Bears Adjust). In the face of adversity, how you respond says a lot about your character. This is a mentality I will take with me for the rest of my life.   

TK: The first thing that I remember Coach K talking about when I was a recruit was his priorities list. He said that deciding what is most important to you before finding yourself in difficult situations will help you through college. This is probably the most important thing that I have learned from playing football at WashU, because it has helped me make some tough decisions much easier.

MR: Coach Kindbom has been a great role model for me throughout my time at WashU.  The lessons that I have learned from him and the other coaches will stick with me in all aspects of my life. Over the last four years, Coach Kindbom has shown me how to set ambitious goals and be committed to my success.

What are your future plans upon graduating from WashU?
ND: I will be taking a gap year with the plan to attend Medical School. 

TK: I am really looking forward to attending medical school next fall.

MR: I am currently applying to medical school.