Q and A with Kevin Hammarlund and Matt Page

Q and A with Kevin Hammarlund and Matt Page

The Washington University in St. Louis football team takes on Hendrix College Saturday at Francis Field in Southern Athletic Association (SAA) play. 

Senior wide receiver Kevin Hammarlund and senior tight end Matt Page reflected on the past four years at WashU with Assistant AD for Communications Chris Mitchell.

What made you come to WashU?
KH: I chose WashU because it provided me with the chance to receive a world-class education while playing college football—a dream I had since I was young. It has been an incredible opportunity to play football for Coach Kindbom while pursuing a business degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship. 

MP: In choosing where I wanted to go to school, I was looking for a top tier academic school with a strong football program. After visiting WashU and learning more about the Olin Business School and getting to know the coaches and players, I knew it would be a good fit.

What have you learned from playing under head coach Larry Kindbom for four years?
KH: Coach K has taught me countless lessons in the four years I have played for him. He taught me to always keep a positive mental attitude on and off the field. It is a lesson that will stay with me throughout my life. He always preaches his values "God, family, academics, football" and that when you come to him with an issue that is how he will view it. He has embodied those values throughout the time I have been here and it has taught me to always practice what you preach. These are just a few of the countless lessons Coach K has taught me. 

MP: Coach K has taught me a lot over this four-year period. Every year he incorporates a unique theme or philosophy for that season. Previous themes have focused on preparation and commitment. While Coach K has emphasized the importance of these two factors in being a successful football team, what has really stood out to me playing for Coach K is his ability to have fun. One of my favorite parts of a win is seeing how fired up Coach gets when we sing the fight song. He has fun every day and I think that's important for success in both football and life. 

What is your favorite aspect of running the no-huddle offense?
KH: I really enjoy the speed at which we play. We're able to wear defenses out because they can't keep up with our speed. We have the ability to score in as little as 30 seconds. I also enjoy the amount of passing our offense entails. As a wide receiver, it is great to be in a no-huddle offense where we can catch the ball as a screen pass or as a deep ball 50 yards downfield. 

MP: The best part of the no-huddle is that it allows you to put up video game like numbers and light up the scoreboard. The speed we play at wears on a defense over the course of a game or even a single drive. It truly gives us an advantage over opposing defenses and has been a huge part of our offensive success this season. 

What is your favorite football memory at WashU?
KH: My favorite memory is the Carnegie Mellon game from this year. That was one of the most exciting games I have been a part of. We battled back from 21-0 and were able to win in overtime. Our fourth quarter drive to tie the game with less than one minute left showed our ability to score in high pressure situations. It showed our team's resilience and set the precedent for the rest of the season. 

MP: My favorite memory from WashU has to be summer camp. No specific year really stands out as better than the others but it was always awesome to see all my friends and teammates after a summer away from school. The camaraderie that is built during summer camp is something that I am going to really miss. 

What caught your interest to study finance?
KH: I decided to study finance because I have always enjoyed math and problem solving. Finance gave me the opportunity to pair those two skill sets. 

MP: I am really interested in the idea of competing against the market and other market participants to earn a profit.

What are your future plans upon graduation from WashU?
KH: After I graduate from WashU I plan on pursuing a career in corporate finance or consulting. 

MP: My plan for the future is to find a job in financial services or corporate finance.