Q and A with John Doty and Josiah Situmeang

Q and A with John Doty and Josiah Situmeang

The Washington University in St. Louis football team takes on Sewanee: University of the South Saturday at Francis Field in Southern Athletic Association (SAA) play. Senior offensive lineman John Doty and senior defensive lineman Josiah Situmeang reflected on the past four years at WashU with Assistant AD for Communications Chris Mitchell.

What made you come to WashU?
JD: I came to WashU because I wanted to be in an environment that was both challenging and supportive. When I visited, I could tell that the players were passionate about what they do both on and off the field. In addition, I could tell that the players were really close-knit and genuine. As a senior, I can say that WashU has been challenging, but I have also made some of my best friends during my time here.

JS: The campus, football program, and status as an exceptional academic environment for pre-meds were all factors that made the school attractive. I wouldn't have played football at any of the other schools I was looking at, so I jumped at the opportunity to get four extra years on the field.

What have you learned from playing under head coach Larry Kindbom for four years
JD: I remember a moment during my freshman year when I was really stressed out about academics. Coach K told me to slow down and enjoy the present moment. Since then, I have learned to take time each day to enjoy what is going on around me. 

JS: Coach K's motto, "God, Family, Academics, Athletics" was one of the reasons I chose to play football at WashU, and is also one of the most important lessons I will take with me as I leave the program. Playing football has taught me to establish my priorities, and manage my time and energy to fulfill all of the responsibilities I have as a collegiate student athlete.

What caught your interest to study biology?
JD: I became really interested in biology my sophomore year when I started taking the upper-level courses. Since then, I have further pursued this interest by taking more classes and by participating in neuroscience research at the medical school.

JS: I always had an interest in medicine, so biology was an obvious choice as a major. I enjoy math and science, and I find the anatomy and physiology of the human body particularly interesting. 

What is your favorite football memory at WashU?
JD: My favorite memory is a recent one. Our first game this year at Carnegie Mellon was incredible—we came back from a 21-point deficit in the first quarter to win in overtime. It was a great effort, and I was very proud to be a member of this team. Celebrating in the locker room was something that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

JS: My two favorite football memories at WashU occurred during my freshman year, first when we opened the season at Wisconsin-Whitewater and second when we finished the season with a playoff birth at Franklin. We pushed the No. 1 team in the nation to the limit at their packed stadium, and went to the playoffs for only the second time under Coach K. 

What are your future plans upon graduation from WashU?
JD: I hope to go to medical school and to become a practicing physician. Right now, I am in the middle of the application and interview process. If things go well, I will be starting medical school next year.

JS: I am pursuing a career in medicine, and I hope to go to medical school after graduating from WashU.