Frequently Asked Questions - Sumers Recreation Center

Frequently Asked Questions - Sumers Recreation Center

Programs in intercollegiate athletics, recreation, physical education, intramurals and club sports will necessarily be affected during the construction of the Gary M. Sumers Recreation & Fitness Center. The end result will be a spectacular facility for Washington University’s campus community. Please review the frequently asked questions and answers that follow:

When will the Gary M. Sumers construction project begin and what is the planned completion date? Construction began May 19, 2014 and is scheduled for completion in August, 2016.

Will the recreational locker rooms in the Athletic Complex be available and will I be able to rent a permanent locker? Yes, lockers will be available. At this time we do not plan to rent lockers, daily use lockers will be available. Varsity athletes and recreational users will be sharing the same locker room. On occasion, we may have to close the locker rooms to accommodate visiting/home team use.

How will the McWilliams Fitness & Cardio room be impacted? The current McWilliams Fitness Center space will serve as the Sports Medicine area during construction. We are looking into alternatives for the cardio equipment. We plan to distribute some equipment within the AC, and we are likely to place a few pieces of cardio equipment in the Weight Room.

Will the weight room continue to be in operation? The weight room will be available during construction.

Will the swimming pool be available for continued use? Yes, we expect to have the pool hours remain the same as they currently are.

Will there be parking disruptions during the construction period? Yes, the parking lot immediately in front of the AC is scheduled for closure during June and July of 2014.  The parking spaces at the loading dock will be closed for the duration of the project.

What’s the impact on outdoor facilities? The existing practice field south of Francis Gym will be out of service during construction.  No other outdoor recreational facilities will be affected.

How will I enter the AC during construction? Access will be through the existing east plaza doors, and during most of the construction period, users will enter doors north of the ticket booth.

Where can I continue to pursue my recreational interests? The current AC, the South Forty Fitness Center for undergrad and graduate full-time day school students, South Campus,….. and we are currently exploring off campus options related to cardio fitness.

Will the handball/squash/racquetball courts be available? We will continue to have recreational access to most-all squash, handball and racquetball courts during construction. 

How will intramural & sports club programing be accommodated? The Intramural schedule will be impacted for indoor sports, times will be adjusted and some sports may have entry limits placed on them based on facility availability. Sports Clubs will remain largely at South Campus and some intramural activities may take place there as well. 

What will the impact be on the intercollegiate programs? Varsity locker rooms will be temporality moved to the Recreational locker room, meeting rooms (classrooms) will be out of commission during construction. Varsity practice and competition facilities will be shared to accommodate multiple groups, creating a need for cooperation. Athletic Training will be temporarily relocated. 

Will physical education classes continue to be offered? Yes, however the number and type of classes is likely to be reduced.

Will South Campus be available for sports and recreational programing? We are reviewing our options for the use of South Campus to accommodate recreational programing.  At the current time, the South Campus facilities are heavily scheduled for sport club use.

What nearby options are available to continue my exercise and fitness programs? Health Club/Fitness Center options within five miles of Washington University - investigate membership at one of the nearby health clubs or inquire about the daily or weekly visitor fee.

Washington University
S40 Fitness Center (located in the Residential area)

BJC WellAware Center (4.3 miles)
600 S Taylor Ave
Washington University in St Louis
St Louis, MO 63110
(314) 286-0525

Club Fitness Delmar Loop (1.6 miles)                                                            
6665 Delmar Boulevard                                                                                            
University City, MO                                                                                                      
(314) 932-2471 

The Center of Clayton (3.6 miles)                                                  
50 Gay Avenue
Clayton, MO

Wellbridge Athletic Club & Spa-Clayton (1.5 miles)
7620 Forsyth Boulevard  
Clayton, MO
(314) 746-1500

Santé at the Chase Park Plaza (3.4 miles)
212 N. Kingshighway Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 633-3020

(2.1 miles)
8001 Dale Avenue
Richmond Heights, MO 63117
Phone: (314) 645-1476

Mid-County Family YMCA (3.2 miles)
1900 Urban Drive
St. Louis, MO 63144
(314) 962-9450