I.E. Millstone Pool

The I.E. Millstone Pool, built in 1985, is also located in the Athletic Complex. The eight-lane swimming pool is equipped with a movable bulkhead that adjusts its distance from 25 yards to 25 meters.  The pool also includes a diving well for use during varsity competitions. Home of the Washington University men's and women's swimming and diving team, the I.E. Millstone Pool is also utilized for water aerobics classes, swim lessons and general lap swimming.

I.E. Millstone received a B.S. in engineering and architecture in 1927 and an honorary degree in 1994. He became a member of the Washington University Board of Trustees in 1964. He had a successful construction company in St. Louis, and the company built some of the residence halls on the South 40. In 1970, the Millstone Lounge and Plaza were also named in his honor.